Updated web site 6-19-16
No guarantees on chickens shipped after June 1st.
NEW Blemished and Older Brood Cocks PHOTOS IN PHOTO ALBUM 4-25-16
Broke up our Personal Brood Pens this week.
Will sell some of the older Brood Roosters and Brood Hens.
 Limited time only!!
5 year old Brood Cocks for $375
4 year old Brood Hens for $185
5 year old Brood Hens for $150

Rocky Top Small Games
Weights about 2 1/2 to 3 pounds
New Photos 10-9-15    More photos coming.
Males $175 each
Females $100 each
New Photos of Small Game Pullets
Rocky Top Kelso Reds, Rocky Top Greys, Rocky Top Blacks, Rocky Top Pumpkin Kelso
To order, email me at

Photos of Rocky Top Farm


For poultry show competition only!!

 These Cocks are being shown in
today, not yesterday!
These fowl have been line bred to have all the qualities
needed to win at any major Poultry Show!!!

We have been breeding and raising
chickens for over 30 years.

We hatch and raise our own fowl.   

When our chicks are approximately
 6 to 8 weeks of age,
they are released on free range until penning age.  

     Anytime we send someone Brood fowl, we will try to pick the best fowl on the place
that is not already in our Brood pens.
If they are not good enough for us to put our time and money into,
they are not good enough for you to put your time and money into!!!   
     If we ship anyone cross show cocks or cross show stags, we always try to send what we think can
win.  If we don't think it is healthy and worthy of showing, we do not ship it.

 Shipments can be made to
Everything must be shipped through an agent!!   No eggs or chicks.
(Additional charges apply!)
Call or e-mail for details and agent pricing.

Shipments to Puerto Rico can be shipped through the post office .
No additional charges on Eggs and Chicks.  $50 Health Certificate for Adult Show fowl.

We can ship eggs and chicks to Hawaii and Guam!!
No agent needed to ship eggs and chicks to Hawaii
Adult fowl to Hawaii must be shipped through an agent.
Everything except eggs and chicks shipped to Hawaii
must be picked up in Honolulu.
There are handlers in Honolulu that will ship
them to your island.
Call or e-mail for details!!

We can ship direct to Guam.
Chicks, eggs, and adult fowl
No agent needed!!!
Additional fees for health papers
Shipments of eggs and chicks to Puerto Rico can be shipped through the post office .
No additional charges on Eggs and Chicks.  
No Adult Fowl
We sell Chicks !!!!
for more information

We now sell Eggs !!!!
for more information

We accept money orders , cashiers checks or credit cards.
You can send the payment through Western Union.
We do NOT accept Wal-Mart Money Gram!

We can only accept credit cards through Pay Pal!
To pay with your credit card, you need to send me an e-mail
with your name, address, and phone number.
 Include what you are wanting to purchase and how many.
I will send you an e-mail called a "Money Request".
There will be a link there to click on that will tell you
exactly how to pay with your credit card.

It is not hard to pay with your credit card.
Pay Pal charges 3%

We ship through the post office, so the shipping costs are cheaper!!!!

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to purchase
something, you can e-mail us at or
call us at (601) 798-8353.

Please make money orders payable to Monica or Ronnie Amacker.
If you make the money order payable to the farm name,
it will be returned to you.

Ronnie and Monica Amacker
39 Joe Lumpkin Rd.
Carriere, Mississippi  39426
(601) 798-8353
Call between 5pm - 9pm central standard time